Eunsung Hoezip is specialized for Daegu-tang, which is located in Kwangjang Market near Jongno 5-ga station.
The menu is only Daegu-tang !!! So it is more delicious.
They cook really clean.

Address: 45-1-ho, 6-1, Yeji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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“In terms of ingredients, fish and even vegetables, I’m much more confident about cleanliness.”

It’s been over 40 years. It is only three years that we concentrate to Maeun-tang because it has shed new light on. Before that,We service the Sashimi and  Maeun-tang together, but because we are so busy with Maeun-tang, we can not serve Sashimi now… Anyway, We are hanging in Maeun-tang, so very good at Maeun-tang… The concept of store is Sashimi… so it natural that they think it’s weird… But fresh. We are serving Maeun-tang with freshness so we are much more confident in this point than any other house… in terms of ingredients, fish and vegetables. I’m much more confident about cleanliness…

If you order a drink, it will not be able to order two portions for three people because Daegu Maeun-tang is not for side dish of drinking. We want to serve the best taste of Maeun-tang. However, if you do not order a drink, you can order two portions for three people.

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