By kind of .. There will be a few thousand kinds .. When I see they come up there. It’s a long time since our open so in the point of design, there will be hundreds of kinds. The range of age is from first birthday to 13 or 15 years old. And the range of size is various like 90 95 100 55 66 77 88, so we have too many kinds.
Identity of Yehwa?
I made the catalog early. I have been promoting to consumers or purchasing companies since 8 years ago. Now, they know the quality of the product is good.
What is the good hanbok which you think?
When we refer to children’s Hanbok, consumer’s preferred Hanbok is the good hanbok. Isn’t it? A good hanbok which good children are looking for. Our brand is good children. To be good children, they buy good children’s Hanbok.

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