It started with the blanket and served with a ramie clothes in summer. I have learned color sense when I make the blanket, and

added design sense through making the mini-skirt with a ramie clothes. So I was invited to make Hanbok at last.

Instead of the institute, I learned from a teacher who sewed it directly in an attitude of being born again.
The customer was difficult than the teacher for me. I had maden of one customer’s clothes three times, and I had given a refund all my clothes. I have been learning through trial and error, and now I have accumulated a lot of know-how gained from my experiences about what customers want and what color suits them well. This is my greatest current asset.

Address: 45-1-ho, 6-1, Yeji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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In the summer, we make the western clothes with ramie.
So we keep going for four seasons. Quilting in winter.
But other stores can not sell goods in the winter.
Because there is no goods for winter season, they sell only hanbok throughout the four seasons.
But we keep changing…

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