Imported vintage shop in Kwangjang Market

By 2017년 March 17일Kwangjang Market History, main

After the destruction of part of the market during the Korean War, it became active again when the refugees traded daily necessities and munitions. This was the beginning of the Korean imported vitage market. After the curfew was lifted in 1983, Dongdaemun market became a street of fashion with a major shopping mall. On the other hand, Kwangjang market was perceived to be composed mainly of wedding related products such as Hanbok and bedclothes.

Imported vintage stores of Kwangjang market is popluar with second hand fashion with uinique fashion items and became a paradise of a vintage fashion which utilized an old and worn feeling that can not be tasted in a ready-made product. Owners who are over 60 years old or in their early 20s are the best experts from jeans to leather jackets, shirts, bags and shoes.

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