From Begoge to Kwangjang

By 2017년 March 17일Kwangjang Market History, main

Located in the Jongno 4-ga and Yejim-dong areas, Beoge( Pear Hill) market was one of the three major markets in the late Chosun Dynasty. It was named as “Dongdaemun Market” in 1905 when it was granted permission to open the market at Ministry of Hansung, but it became “Kwangjang Market” after 1960s.

Originally, they wanted to make market after rebuilding the bridge Kwanggyo(a big bridge) and Janggyo(a long bridge) and named it “Kwangjang Market” with each first letter. However, at that time, the civil engineering technology failed to withstand the heavy rain, and it establish the foundation at Beoge. After that, it became the current ‘Kwangjang Market’which is same Hangul pronunciation but new meaning of ‘keep after collecting widely’.

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