The first regular market in Korea

Kwangjang Market which is the epitome of the in traditional urban market over 100 years of history.

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[Book] The story of Kwangjang market

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The story of Kwangjang market was published in Samteo..

The writer Kim Jong-kwang spent over two years covering the collection of materials about Kwangjang market history of 107 years, tells the story of real merchants from the opening of the market to the present is the history of the Korean market and the life including joys and sorrows of the market merchant.

The story of Kwangjang market/Samteo/Kim Jong-kwang

Story market

For decades, the stores only focused on their business are building Kwangjang market.

Story market

Kumho Judan

2017년 January 31일


2017년 January 30일

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2017년 January 28일

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2017년 January 27일


2017년 January 26일

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2017년 January 24일

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2017년 January 24일

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2017년 January 24일

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2017년 January 24일


2017년 January 24일

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